How Beauty Schools Pivot to Online Learning

Article by Modern Career Salon
by Anne Moratto | April 2, 2020

Stacy Wells, CEO and chief of operations at L’Esprit Academy cosmetology school in Michigan has pivoted her learning program for her current students, allowing people to enroll in the new education platform from home. She obtained the necessary credentials and licensing well before mandated school shutdowns to keep L’Esprit students striving, thriving, learning.

“This could go on for quite some time,” Wells said. “As we see how COVID-19 rolls out globally, that will determine the length of how we teach distance education.” With a virtual learning program already in place, L’Esprit was already ready to roll. L’Esprit sees 80 percent of students graduating the program, and a 70 percent placement rate. The Academy also has a 100 percent licensure rate. “We prepare students exceptionally well,” said Wells. “Frankly, I’ve never been so optimistic.”

During this unprecedented time of disruption, Dermalogica and other national brands are stepping in to offer product and support. Wells says that she has also encouraged students to look at online education from other sources, including MODERN SALON.

“We’ve been so pleased to be able to share Modern Salon’s frequent emails with video links to Facebook!” Wells concludes. “Our students especially love the tips and tricks from the beauty professional which help validate their theory education while in school. I’m always a big proponent of understanding the ‘why’ behind the way we do everything we do, so having the professional perspective has been really beneficial for our education team.”