Five Pro Tips for Your Best Back to School Look

As summer comes to an end and the season begins to change, starting school with a fresh look
can be a lot of fun. Check out our segment on ClickonDetroit.

Here are some quick tips to looking your back to school best:


1. Refresh hair color.

Did you go mermaid blue green for the summer? Pulp Riot hair color has fabulous trend colors that can take you into the next season. If you have already had your hair previously lightened, it’s an excellent time to speak with your colorist about changing it up! Going darker is always easier, but with so many color options from lilac to lemon, aqua to fireball, the toughest part can be the color choice! Avoid feeling drab and go back to school inspired!

2. Braids.

Any beauty hack to help ease the pain of an early morning start is welcomed when getting into the back to school routine. Braids are a great way to look and feel put together without the need for shampooing or hot tools in the morning. Opt for an asymmetrical side braid for an on trend look for most hair lengths and types. You can even put them in at night, sleep on them, and wear them for a few days. Let the braids out for a wavy look. Use a good dry shampoo like AG’s Simply Dry to eliminate oil and revamp limp locks.

3. Wash your face and moisturize all over.

Skin that is properly cleaned and moisturized looks far better than if it’s been neglected or makeup caked. On your body, use a gentle exfoliation in the shower with either a body scrub or loofah will help your body shed those dry skin cells a little faster. Follow up with a lotion, body crème or oil to lock in moisture from neck to toe…keep the body products away from your face! Your facial skin is more delicate and requires targeted products. Don’t use harsh cleansers and exfoliants on your face that can scratch and cause damage. Try Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant which is a “highly-active resurfacer that delivers your smoothest skin ever, and helps fight the biochemical and environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging.” It contains charcoal which helps purify your skin and absorb toxins from deep within your pores. Follow with a small amount of good quality moisturizer for your skin type that will help protect you from dehydration caused by climate controlled classrooms.

4. Use high endurance polish.

A good manicure with CND Shellac is a great way to feel put together and eliminate the distraction of unkempt nails! Focusing on school work is a big time investment without having time wasted on picking at ragged nail edges and chipped polish. Many clients can get two weeks from their Shellac service.

5. Bold lip color.

No time for a full face of makeup? A swipe of bold lip color can really make an impact and pull a whole look together. Fall is a great time for reds and plum colors. Using a lip liner creates a long lasting stain that will look sharp at least until lunchtime. Be daring and put the focus on that pretty pout and not spending lots of time with highlighting and contouring!

Use these quick tips for your best back to school look! For more information call 734-762-0200.