Going Short for Summer—Who’s With Me?

With the spring season comes an inner desire for renewal, rebirth, a new start! Why not begin with hair. Short, sassy cuts, vibrant color, or a cute braid for summer can make life a little bit more fun. Let’s face it, hair is one of the few things we can control (most of the time) about our looks. Cut, color, style…endless options of varying lengths, rainbow colors, curly, straight, braided is enough to make your head spin. Recently I have had an inner urge to take another several inches off my length.

How to make the leap? Here are my recommendations in three easy steps.

  1. Be an Instagram Stalker. Instagram is a valuable resource at your fingertips to have a continuous supply of inspiration. Follow handles like @shorthair_love for short, sassy looks or @hairandmakeupbysteph for incredible images.
  2. Be bold. Take a chance with your look! Consult your hairdresser with images you like and if the look will suit your face shape. Jump in with both feet. Hair always grows back, and if not at the rate you want, there’s always hair extensions.
  3. Embrace it. Embrace your new look! Change up your makeup routine, try a bolder lip or smokier eye to enhance your new hair. It’s a great chance to lean into a new you with fairly low commitment.

These simple tips will bring you right into a new comfort zone of change! I just did it and I feel light, feisty, and ready to take on summer!